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Watership down?




versie 3

I wanted to experiment with a few free programs to see if I could get something beautiful. so I used Gimp, equivalent of Photoshop but free, Picsketch and Photofunia, both free too. The two ladies are pictures I took from the internet, so I don’t have the credits for them. I just played with the two pictures.

through the eye of medicine

de tijd2.JPG

this collage is about sickness and medicine. when you’re sick you can’t look at the world the same way you do when you’re healthy…

Sometimes a sickness can be a mask too… people only see your sickness and forget who you really are – a person with a personality and not only a sickness.

locked heart

hart (2)

I made this drawing a time ago, but I took it out of my art map, changed the green leaves to blue and thought it was better than the previous and original work…

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.



wouldn’t it be fun to fly away with balloons?

a computer drawn drawing (drew it with a pc-mouse 😉 )

drawing by erasing


This charcoal drawing was made in a different way than usual… everything was made black, black, black… and then with a rubber (eraser) I erased the charcoal. Basically: I drew by erasing.

Where is my umbrella?

portret nieuw3_0002

what about this one? In the text balloon is written ‘where is my umbrella’ in Dutch. I found these images in a old comic book and it looked funny to make a collage with it.

women love perfume

isatys portret

don’t you think you can recognize a woman by her perfume? my mum looked at this collage and said: “This is the cap from Ysatis de Givenchy!” and it is.

yes it’s my mum’s perfume 😉 so this collage is also an ode to my mother .

To infinity and beyond

dame portret lijnen

This collage and drawn lines made this portrait. I loved making a contrast between the Belle Epoque (Victorian – Edwardian epoque) lady and modern neat lines. The Lady has curls in her hair, her face is round and soft and the lines are straight, clean and without any roundness: a clash or not?


portret krabbel wit

Another abstract collage portrait. This one is about identity. Who am I? What do I look like? What am I thinking all about?

Lady with cristal earring

dame portret

this lady is a mixed media collage. I used different materials to create this portrait. I loved using wrinkled tissue to make her dress. her silhouet is made with thick paper I cut. her hair is from a magazine (it was actually a picture from a piece of fabric) and her cristal earring was a picture in a magazine from a icecube 🙂

isn’t she posh and royal?


portret nieuw1

collage..; I’m happy when I can make collages, I love to do that so much. Here a strange one… is it a tear, is it something else, what is going on? just imagine.

Introducing my 2nd blog : Scribischrijfsels

Dear Followers and Visitors of Sasa & Sisa,

This post is to announce that I made a second blog with stories and poems. The blog is written in Dutch and occasionally you can find there poems written in French too.

on Scribischrijfsels you can find, animal stories, stories happening every day, fiction, poems, etc. Just have a look, read and enjoy. 🙂


ps: I changed the look of Sasa en Sisa because I found out there was a problem with the previous blogstyle. you couldn’t scroll through everything, the blog was misbehaving, jumping back and forth, so this lay-out should be better: visitor-friendlier 😉

Forest princess


this is a photomontage I made with various programs. the cute little girl on the picture is my niece Esther-Lea, I love this girl! she loves dressing up like I loved (and still love!). so I made this dress for her using fabric and rubber bands to attach the fabric to each other and to make curls and fancy fabric flowers. then she got scarves for a crown and a belt. The little rabbit is our rabbit, a furry rascal called Popom. The style of rabbit who thinks she can fly. I added her on the picture because a forest princess needs an animal next to her and because my niece loves Popom. Then I used a picture for the background from a beautiful place in Belgium called the ‘Kalmthoutse Heide’ and then I added another background to make this strange sky.

Well that’s it. do you like it?

dreamy young lady


a collage I made with three different photoprograms 😀 I love to experiment with pictures, collages and programs. Here I used the picture of a belle epoque young girl, what a beauty she is, isn’t she?

stain or… ‘blot flowers’


made this flowers by dropping watercolors on a paper, then I added the leaves.



a computer made collage with old pictures from the Belle Epoque… I’m in love with the Belle Epoque costumes and hairstyles and hats and… sigh…so beautiful



here a forest for you… drew each layer on a different sheet, then I scanned everything and assembled coloured it on photoshop. what do you think?

Belle Epoque costume

DSC_0760  DSC_0767                                                                  DSC_0770  DSC_0761

Made this Belle Epoque costume. Sewed the skirt and bustle. And I made the hat… The handbag is an old old handbag from the Belle Epoque. A handbag I got from an old neighbour of ours long time ago. What do you think of this outfit? I enjoyed wearing it and feeling a real lady of another century ❤

I used an old straw hat to make this new chique hat, a metamorphose isn’t it? 😉

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